Is this the best SEO service offer on the market at the moment?

Yes, if it is 100% tailored to your capabilities and expectations.

Provide us two pieces of information about yourself and your website, and we will make you perfect offer. Nothing more than you want, nothing less. When you accept it, you only pay for what is most important to you because with us, instead of empty positions in Google, you will get what is most important: customers, inquiries and orders.

Do you want to check now how we can help you increase your sales?


You don't need to worry about anything

- we know that as an entrepreneur you do not have much time, so we take care of all the work. From website changes to content preparation. You only accept our choices.

You have complete care

- we know that the topic of positioning may be something entirely new for you, so we will suggest who your client is, how to search for your services on the internet and how to best reach them.

No strings attached

It's not a lifetime relationship to sign long-term contracts. However, we will be proud if you stay with us for many years, like our other clients do.

What can you expect from our work?

Our campaigns give you more traffic and money.
A company from the children's toy industry:

In the first four months, traffic increased almost fivefold, and the number of orders almost tenfold.
A company from cosmetics for women branch:

In the first four months of implementing the new strategy, we quadrupled the number of users and sales by 665%.
How do we achieve such significant increases?

This is the positioning from audit to profits:

  • We start with an audit to adjust the strategy to your realities (thanks to this, the offer is ideally suited to the situation)
  • We create a strategy focused on maximizing inquiries or sales (you invest not in the positions themselves in Google, but in customers, inquiries and orders)
  • We introduce optimization on the website (we send optimization recommendations for approval and implement them)
  • We prepare content for each subpage that requires optimization in terms of content (copywriting)
  • We start off-site activities – we bring positioning links to the domain (linkbuilding)
  • We implement subsequent optimization recommendations, phrase searches and subsequent corrections to the page in set cycles
  • We check the position of the domain based on the external tool – it is an independent system to always be certain as to the real position of the phrases.
  • We will verify visibility in the search results based on the tool
  • WWe summarize the effects of our activities, and together we decide next steps (you can see the profits from our activities)


Who has trusted us

Bernard Róźański
Bernard Róźański
Niby człowiek wiedział że umie internety ale jednak z pozycjonowania to tylko wykreowani. Miło, sympatycznie z uśmiechem, a człowiek może spać spokojnie. Dziękuje za zrozumienie i pomoc!
Piotr Wolniewicz
Piotr Wolniewicz
Pozycjonowanie na bardzo dobrym poziomie, super kontakt oraz dobre, oczekiwane rezultaty w postaci wysokich pozycji. Firma godna polecenia.
Martyna Sztybel
Martyna Sztybel
Agencja SEO z prawdziwego zdarzenia.
Artur Rusek
Artur Rusek
Współpracę z firmą wykreowani oceniam bardzo wysoko. Szybka reakcja pracowników na zgłaszane tematy, bardzo fajna obsługa. Młody, dynamiczny zespół. Polecam.
Aneta Krawiec
Aneta Krawiec
Jakub Matusik
Jakub Matusik
Uczciwe warunki
Seb eK
Seb eK
Po ponad rocznej współpracy zdecydowanie należy się 5 gwiazdek. Polecam!
Damian Wroński
Damian Wroński
Są dobrzy w tym co robią, współpraca to czysta przyjemność! Polecam
Wojciech Jabłoński
Wojciech Jabłoński
Pełen profesjonalizm od samego początku. Jedyna firma która podeszła do tematu na 100% po 3 miesiącach widzimy progres w pozycjonowaniu. Polecam :)

Success Stories

How we increased sales to our customers

Cheap Gadgets: Tanie gadzety is a producer and distributor of advertising gadgets. Since 2015, we are responsible for visibility in organic search results (SEO) and the Google Ads campaign. At the time, we increased the traffic over five times. We have positioned over 1,400 phrases for the so-called 'Top 10′ and we help to deliver hundreds of conversions per month all the time.

Bizin is an online invoicing and business management system. We work together since 2016. We are responsible for the Google Ads campaign, promotion on social media and positioning. At the time, we increased the traffic more than three times. We tested and implemented YouTube, Mailing, Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. As a result we have generated over 18,000 conversions!

Gustaw Bear is a producer of large plush mascots. Since 2018, we are responsible for SEO strategies and the Google Ads campaign. In this period we positioned over 400 phrases from zero to the top 10. We have prepared and run product, dynamic search engine and remarketing campaigns. Moreover, we managed to reduce the conversion cost by more than half.

    Do You want to talk?

    What does it mean that we will analyze your website?

    At the beginning we will talk about your goals and needs. Then we will check how your website currently ranks in the search results, what phrases it is visible for and what traffic it generates from organic results. We will check if any problems may hinder positioning. We will also take into account your market environment and competition. Finally, we will review the website for the user and consider whether it is transparent and clearly communicates your company's values.

    What does it mean that we will choose the best strategy?

    Every website is different, just like every business is different and needs different solutions. Let us suppose you run a company dealing with installations of air conditioning. In that case, we know that your customers are usually owners of small single-family houses in small towns near your location, and in such locations, we would suggest you position yourself. If you run a dental office, we know that the most important thing is the distance from your office and the visibility of your website on the maps. If you sell online and run an online store, it is best to be visible on the names of your products or entire categories.

    What does it mean that we will deliver awesome results?

    First of all, we guarantee that if your website does not go up within a month from the moment it was optimized by us, we are not called “wykreowani”. Besides, positioning is not a fight for TOP 1 or TOP 3; for us, what matters is organic traffic and what comes from it (i.e. inquiries for your company). That is why we always conduct positioning in such a way that the phrases we select and the strategy we adopt give you the best results that you will stay with us for years.

    Can the phrases we choose for positioning be changed?

    Yes, we will even do it ourselves. If we only position one phrase, we will immediately replace it with another one. SEO is not really about positions but as much (specific) traffic and inquiries as possible. To achieve this, we need to build visibility of your website for 100, 200 or 600 key phrases. By signing a contract with us, instead of specific keywords, you have a guarantee of positioning a certain number of phrases at the same time (e.g., 10, 30 or 60).

    Is SEO something suitable for your company?

    If you want to get customers quickly (e.g., one month after the start of work), don't choose this option. Search engine optimization is not for you. SEO is a process that takes a lot longer, so if you care about inquiries from the very beginning, we have much better methods for you. Ask us about them.

    Do we write blogs?

    Yes, but the first question we will ask you is who are you, and who is your target you want to reach? Despite the high traffic, blog converts (into inquiries) very poorly, and if you want to use it to gain customers, this is not a strategy that will bring you a good quick effect. However, if you are aware that blog supports your sales process and makes it easier to show yourself as a trustworthy specialist, we will be happy to help you achieve such an effect.

    Wykreowani Łódź – 'The Created' Lodz – an interactive SEO agency. We position websites and online stores effectively

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