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We will conduct a thorough analysis of what elements can increase the number of queries

We will propose a plan of actions and changes that will increase the effectiveness of your website

We will implement changes, conduct tests and increase profitability

React to changes – effective sales analyst

Well-conducted marketing activities are not everything. Updating and adjusting the campaign to new conditions and reacting to website traffic are extremely important. Just because it's okay now doesn't mean it can't get any better.

Because you can always do better. And by working with us, you can find out about it. We know you are doing your best to meet the difficult requirements of internet users, but you cannot always objectively assess whether you are really doing something right. For several years, we have been cooperating with companies that care about continuous development and which have trusted us as specialists. With a wide customer base, we can objectively analyze your activities because an objective approach is crucial in this case.

If your Google Ads and positioning campaigns bring you inquiries and traffic on your website is constantly growing, the more you should pay attention to the optimization of the website in field of increasing the number of inquiries. For example, if you get five queries for every 100 users, if you increase the conversion rate twice – thanks to the website analysis and optimization of the elements, while maintaining the same advertising budget – your return on investment may double! Encouraging, right? The number of inquiries on the website does not have to be limited. If it only responds to the needs of your customers, as well as potential ones, it is worth increasing their number on the website.

What if the current advertising campaigns and positioning do not bring you any inquiries at all? In which case is the analysis necessary?

As part of the analysis, we carefully look at the website, playing the role of the user. We check whether it is user-friendly, intuitive and whether it encourages us to stay on it or leave it as soon as possible. We are looking for answers to internet users' questions – if they are not there, we have to introduce them to the website. We also remember exactly what works well and what is worth leaving.

Sales analytics and change planning

After the analysis, we discuss it all thoroughly with you. We propose our solutions and plan effective advertising and sales campaigns. Then we implement changes and test them so we can check their effectiveness. If they turn out to be inappropriate, we change them until we achieve satisfactory results.

Nobody likes changes, but they are often necessary – especially in a dynamically changing internet environment. If you feel that you have difficulty keeping up with them, entrust this task to us. We guarantee satisfaction with the effects that you will see after our actions.

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    Who has trusted us

    Bernard Róźański
    Bernard Róźański
    Niby człowiek wiedział że umie internety ale jednak z pozycjonowania to tylko wykreowani. Miło, sympatycznie z uśmiechem, a człowiek może spać spokojnie. Dziękuje za zrozumienie i pomoc!
    Piotr Wolniewicz
    Piotr Wolniewicz
    Pozycjonowanie na bardzo dobrym poziomie, super kontakt oraz dobre, oczekiwane rezultaty w postaci wysokich pozycji. Firma godna polecenia.
    Martyna Sztybel
    Martyna Sztybel
    Agencja SEO z prawdziwego zdarzenia.
    Artur Rusek
    Artur Rusek
    Współpracę z firmą wykreowani oceniam bardzo wysoko. Szybka reakcja pracowników na zgłaszane tematy, bardzo fajna obsługa. Młody, dynamiczny zespół. Polecam.
    Aneta Krawiec
    Aneta Krawiec
    Jakub Matusik
    Jakub Matusik
    Uczciwe warunki
    Seb eK
    Seb eK
    Po ponad rocznej współpracy zdecydowanie należy się 5 gwiazdek. Polecam!
    Damian Wroński
    Damian Wroński
    Są dobrzy w tym co robią, współpraca to czysta przyjemność! Polecam
    Wojciech Jabłoński
    Wojciech Jabłoński
    Pełen profesjonalizm od samego początku. Jedyna firma która podeszła do tematu na 100% po 3 miesiącach widzimy progres w pozycjonowaniu. Polecam :)

    Success Stories

    How we increased sales to our customers

    Cheap Gadgets: Tanie gadzety

    Tanie-gadzety.com is a producer and distributor of advertising gadgets. Since 2015, we are responsible for visibility in organic search results (SEO) and the Google Ads campaign. At the time, we increased the traffic over five times. We have positioned over 1,400 phrases for the so-called 'Top 10′ and we help to deliver hundreds of conversions per month all the time.


    Bizin.pl is an online invoicing and business management system. We work together since 2016. We are responsible for the Google Ads campaign, promotion on social media and positioning. At the time, we increased the traffic more than three times. We tested and implemented YouTube, Mailing, Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. As a result we have generated over 18,000 conversions!

    Gustaw Bear

    Gustaw.com.pl is a producer of large plush mascots. Since 2018, we are responsible for SEO strategies and the Google Ads campaign. In this period we positioned over 400 phrases from zero to the top 10. We have prepared and run product, dynamic search engine and remarketing campaigns. Moreover, we managed to reduce the conversion cost by more than half.

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