Why us? There are plenty of agencies!

You will find a real internet marketing agency out by how it performs from the beginning to the end.
We will do everything for you to hike the number of customers, inquiries and orders. From Audit to Profit.

You do not have to be familiar with marketing to use it in your company.
That's what specialists are for. And we, in addition to exemplary implementation of the strategy, provide you with support and personal commitment.

We face it head-on.

We will do everything for you that is needed to ensure that your company has as many customers, inquiries and orders as possible. You only approve our actions. We will audit, carry out website optimization, positioning, write texts and advertisements and help you count the profits.

We are bound by effects, not contracts. You decide how long our cooperation will last as we sign a permanent contract for an indefinite period. We will do everything to ensure that the results vouch for us and the cooperation is as profitable as possible for you.

We take our clients’ needs personally. During our cooperation, you are always number one for us. With us, you always have someone to ask question or make a request. You also have someone who knows who you are and what we do for you.

The team of qualified specialists will constantly be watching over you.

Our well-coordinated team of specialists works on your results every day.


Advertising Campaign

This is the department responsible for your paid campaigns on the internet. It supports and optimizes advertisements in the following systems: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Allegro Ads. It creates sales, branding, mailing and banner campaigns which are always focused on previously set goals.

  • Our effectiveness is confirmed by certificates
  • We have prepared and run over 400 campaigns
  • We serve over PLN 1,200,000 in advertising budgets


SEO, Positioning

This department is responsible for effective website positioning, with a special attitude and strategy optimized for the increase in inquiries and sales. Each of your projects is always run by a team consisting of a coordinator, SEO specialist, linkbuilder and people responsible for copywriting.

  • We have positioned over 20.000 key phrases
  • Our knowledge is supported by eight years of experience
  • We have our own sponsored articles platform


Social Media and Copywriting

This is the department responsible for preparing effective and readable content for websites and blogs. It is also a department of specialists responsible for social media, graphic designers and content managers responsible for managing profiles effectively on social media.

  • Our experts prepare over 200,000 characters of content every month
  • We support over 30 social media profiles
  • We build a strategy tailored to your business

I am personally responsible for our actions

My name is Andrzej Wroniecki and I am the owner of the Wykreowani ['The Created'] agency.

Ten years ago, while running an online store, I could not find the right internet marketing agency. I understood how cooperation with agencies should not look like. When I started my own marketing, positioning and creating a Google Ads campaign, I was stunned how quickly the first clients, who had exactly the same problem as me, would appear.

Today I can offer you services I wish I had from the beginning when I launched my store. I know what it is like to expect a return several times every dollars spent. I know how important it is to adjust the agency's activities to the specifics of a particular company so as not to waste its potential. I also know how important it is to keep in touch with your customers kindly, communicate clearly and specifically and I do not promise the moon, but real results.

Do you want to check how we can help you increase your sales?


See what tools we use in our daily work

Google Ads

Google Search Console

Facebook Ads

Linkedin Ads

Allegro Ads

Microsoft Clarity

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager





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