At, we specialize in getting your website on the first page of Google.

Today, 80% of all potential customers, research online before making a buying decision and 90% of those, never make it past the first page. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, offers the Highest Return on Investment for all methods of internet advertising.

Optimizing your website is tedious work and success is not over night, but rather a long term strategy. Once we get you there, we can keep you there. Today, the Components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm involves the right combination of On-Site and Off-Site Optimization.

On-Page Keyword Usage

The Title and Site Description are key ingredients to a successful SEO program.  What are you telling prospects when they see your ad on Google?  You only have a couple seconds to grab their attention and have them read your ad.  What you say here will make a difference whether or not they visit your website:

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We write Title and Site Descriptions that get read and more importantly, get clicked!

We update your Meta Tags and H1/H2 Tags to target the keywords that will be the most beneficial to your site.  We match them with keywords we are targeting as well as the keywords we are going to target.  Check your Source Code; do your Meta Tag keywords reflect the keywords phrases that prospects are using to search on Google?

Trust and Authority of the Host Domain

What is the age of your domain name?  Owning a cool domain is a great idea, but if it is not live on the internet, it is not gaining any value.  The older the domain name the better.  Exact match domain names are beneficial, but not as important as domain age.  Let us build a landing page for it so that it can start maturing.

Off-Page SEO

Link Building is the single most important ingredient in a successful SEO program.  Your website’s ranking is determined by how many other websites are linking to your website.  
Today, building backlinks on trusted, high-quality, respected websites is the most effective way to improve your page rank on Google. But, how many is enough? One, Five, Ten backlinks for each keyword phrase? At, We Build 100 Backlinks For Each Keyword Phrase Every Month.

These backlinks are built in a variety of ways.  They include: Search Engine Submissions, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Press Releases and Blog Indexing.

Keywords Targeted

Every client at receives a Dedicated SEO Specialist.  They work closely with you to help determine the keyword phrases that will help increase your website’s page rank, click through rate and conversion rate.  What keywords are prospects using to search with?  What keywords will be the most profitable for your business?  In addition to that, we Rotate Your Keywords every 6 weeks.  There is not just one way to search for the same thing, different combinations of keywords create different results.  For our Premium Clients, we target approximately 80 keyword phrases over 12 months.

The services we provide are focused on ensuring that your website is on the front page of all the major search engines every time your pre-selected keywords are searched.

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